Back To The Land


The essence of our show is a half-hour of intense competition set against the ultimate battleground – the great wilderness –as professional athletes with a pre-existing rivalry and shared love for the outdoors battle it out in challenges designed to prove who has what it takes to get BACK TO THE LAND. 

With BACK TO THE LAND, we’ll introduce a new brand of outdoor competition show that combines the high stakes and respect for nature personified in Netflix’s MEAT EATER, with the competitive spirit of Amazon’s ECO CHALLENGE. 

Set in the wilds of the United States across diverse terrain and unpredictable weather conditions, each episode of this “back to the earth” competition series will take two athletes (with wilderness training, skills or experience) and pit them against one another in a series of rugged challenges. Each episode will also feature two of America’s most remarkable survivalists, hunters, and outdoorsmen and women, who will work alongside our athletes as advisors & guides. 

Through three rounds of competition our athletes will battle it out in trials that will test every discipline of surviving the great outdoors as they try to best one another – and perhaps even the nearly unbeatable benchmark set by our experts. 

Will our favorite athletes leave full from a big slice of humble pie or become even more legendary?