The North Face  & Public Lands Present Field Trip

Belonging to something, or even somewhere, fosters an unspoken sense of community and respect. And while the outdoors belongs to everyone, the reality is not everyone feels welcomed. To spark change and welcome a new generation of explorers to the outdoor community, The North Face and Public Lands teamed up to host a one-of-a-kind trip.


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The Journey

With the shared ambition of building community through exploration, the two brands partnered together for a Field Trip unlike any other. In partnership with the SCA, a local youth organization in the Pittsburgh area, we documented the journey of seven teenagers and three The North Face professional athlete mentors, climbers Ashima Shiraishi & Manoah Ainuu and freeskier Tom Wallisch, as they embarked on an outdoor adventure they’d never forget.


Many of the teenagers were leaving their hometown for the great outdoors for the first time, so with the help of our world class mentors and a school bus full of The North Face gear, we showed them the in’s and out’s of camping, hiking, and bouldering - all at a state park just a short drive away from where they live. The trip took this group of teenagers on both a physical and mental journey - finding appreciation in a new environment, community amongst their peers, and a meaningful connection to nature. The weekend fueled their personal growth and laid the foundation for their growing appreciation for the outdoors.


We rolled out the short documentary with Outside Magazine as a distribution partner and with further promotion across athlete and brand pages. Ultimately, we garnered 1.3M impressions 462K+ video views, 25K views of the dedicated article on Outside.com, and received an overwhelmingly positive sentiment. 

Field Trips is just the beginning of The North Face and Public Lands’ shared commitment to fueling exploration for all.