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It has been said the history of beer is the history of civilization itself. And, the most important ingredient when brewing the perfect lager is not hops, barley, or yeast. It’s people with an enduring commitment to be the best. That's what separates these brewmasters from the rest. In Kings of Beer, we chronicle the most intense global competition across sixty-five breweries and their ambition to brew the perfect American Lager. Everyone wants to be the best at something; for these brewmasters, it’s making beer.

Kings of Beer

Recent years have seen an explosion of craft beer culture in the US. With more and more people considering themselves to be beer aficionados, Budweiser has become the target for uninformed criticism.

In order to change people's opinions, we would need more than just ads; it would require something that authentically tells Budweiser's story in a form that people want to engage with. The answer was a feature documentary: Kings of Beer. The story of the rigorous standards of perfection this global brand maintains.



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Kings of Beer, distributed by Gravitas Ventures and directed by Sean Mullin, premiered on International Beer Day on August 2, 2019. The film follows a diverse group of elite Brewmasters from 65 breweries and 23 countries, who battle it out in an intense competition to brew the world’s most iconic American Lager — Budweiser. Watch on Apple TV, Google Play or Amazon Prime


Judged by an illustrious group of experts who are sequestered deep within the historic walls of the most renowned room in the brewing world — “Room 220” — most of these “key tasters” have decades of experience, which has trained their palates to pick up the most minute of flavor flaws. It is this room that is responsible for maintaining the standard of close to one-third of the world's beer, with Budweiser the standard-bearer.

In a competition usually decided by no more than a hundredth of a point — even the slightest misstep can cost a Brewmaster the Cup.

Despite the hardship and uncertainty, one thing is clear: Kings aren’t born, they’re brewed.