Poland Spring - #NotTrash


As a brand that relies on nature, Poland Spring has a responsibility to take action and protect it. So, they pledged to use 100% recycled plastic across their still water portfolio by 2022. And while that's a wonderful, responsible shift to the single-use plastic supply chain, it requires consumer participation to be fully realized. Currently, there are not enough single-use plastics being recycled for corporations to deliver on their promises. Only 3 out of 10 plastic bottles are recycled in the US. So, rather than just share the brand's announcement, we sought to create behavior change and shift perceptions around recycling.

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Recycling is a confusing, complex and often frustrating process for many people, causing most to opt out. So, we needed a way to get them reinvested. We needed to remove the consumer guilt and make things simple and accessible. Enter #NotTrash - a new way to think about (and talk about) recycling, in the vernacular of the internet.  


We created an Instagram-powered hotline where you could send in a photo of anything and we would tell you what to do with it and why - localized to where YOU were, with the help from the experts at The Recycling Partnership. We also built a website connected to a QR code, found on Poland Spring bottles, to teach people more about the life cycle of their water, from the spring, forward. 


The campaign immediately caught attention, earning over 150MM media impressions; hundreds of people submitted #NotTrash questions (about plastic bags, salad containers, shopping receipts, newspapers and more!); over 15,000 QR codes were scanned in the first month - with an average of five minutes spent on site for each; we connected more closely with a younger audience (18-24) who said they would be proud to buy the brand based on this content; and, we increased brand recall and purchase intent - through a narrative of purpose and action (Facebook Brand Study). And, most importantly, conversation about recycling increased - via hashtags, photos, giphy stickers and more! 

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