The North Face  & REI Present Rewind Nature

Every second, a garbage truck’s worth of textiles are put into landfills or burned. If nothing changes, CO2 emissions from the fashion industry are predicted to increase nearly 50% by 2030. 

In an effort to raise awareness of this growing concern within the industry, The North Face and REI joined forces with National Geographic to launch REWIND NATURE, a series that spotlights changemakers who are taking a step forward to reverse the damage we’ve caused to our planet, and bring to light actionable ways to make small changes that have a big impact.

The initiative was inspired by The North Face’s Eco Heritage Collection, the brand’s most iconic jackets now created with 100% recycled materials and always with their lifetime guarantee.


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What We Did

We created REWIND NATURE, a three-episode mini series highlighting the efforts, personalities, and perspectives of changemakers in sustainability. To capture their stories we worked with an award-winning team, including director Clay Jeter, director of photography Will Basanta and music composer Duncan Thum. With topics of sustainable design, conscious consumption, and artful upcycling, we shared the stories through both long form editorial and short form content in partnership with National Geographic. The stories fueled an entire content ecosystem from online to offline including our campaign HQ that educated consumers on how to think and shop sustainably, an integration into the in-store experience, and a bespoke Rewind Nature landing page that heroed the sustainability facts of the Eco Heritage product line.

Over the 1 month push, the campaign received a lot of attention, engagement and tons of positive sentiment from viewers. The digital content garnered over 50MM impressions and 3.5M video views. More than anything, REWIND NATURE is a platform to promote The North Face and REI’s shared core belief in promoting sustainability. 

With so many more stories to tell and change to influence, REWIND NATURE is only in its infancy...more to come in 2020. 

Rewind Nature Series Recap


The Episodes


Conscious Consumption

Author and Green Dreamer podcast host Kamea Chayne helps listeners dispel eco-anxiety and resist fast fashion by making environmentally conscious choices.


Sustainable Design

Tim Hamilton isn’t after hearts or minds—his battle with throwaway culture is in the studio, where he leads The North Face’s design team in creating clothing to last a lifetime.


Artful Upcycling

Jonathan Ward, the visionary entrepreneur and designer behind ICON, reimagines classic cars within a modern context.