The North Face
See For Yourself Cab

What would you do if presented with the opportunity to drop everything for the entire day and take part in an unexpected adventure?

As part of The North Face’s largest campaign in company history “Your Land,” encouraging consumers to explore the lands around them, we sought to create a disruptive experience to inspire New Yorkers to stop their day-to-day routines and see the world.


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What we did

For a week, we took to the streets on Manhattan with a yellow cab, transformed into an "adventuremobile", seeking to turn an everyday experience into an adventure. Unsuspecting passengers were surprised on their daily commute and presented with a choice: go on with their busy day or do something wonderful and exhilarating. The catch? They had to go right then and there, not an hour later or a week later, literally right then. 

Those that chose to ‘see the world for yourself’ were whisked away to locations including Rockaway Beach, Windham Mountain, The Gunks, and even Canyon Lakes, Utah — 2,138 miles from New York City — for surfing, mountain biking, kayaking and mountain climbing excursions with The North Face athletes of the likes of Jimmy Chin and Cedar Wright as their instructors. 

With hidden cameras, a live feed, and category-specific gear for adventure, we captured the ultimate adventure. The footage lived on dedicated campaign microsite that featured an interactive map of 50 of the brand’s favorite places to explore in the U.S., a downloadable rendition of “This land is your land” by My Morning Jacket, an outdoor guide to the 21st century and the opportunity to upload your own #seeforyourself adventure pictures.