Defying Midterm Odds

Going into the 2018 midterms, America needed one thing: votes. At first glance, the odds were stacked against us; the 2014 midterms had the lowest turnout in 70 years. But, the 2016 election motivated new attention - namely the 15 million new eligible voters who had turned 18. If all of them registered, AND voted, they would be the largest voice of that year’s election - outvoting Baby Boomers. So, we put the onus, the opportunity and the election in their hands with #TheFutureIsVoting - a campaign that got a new generation to set an example and VOTE.


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How We Did It

1. Proclaimed our confidence in this group with #TheFutureIsVoting

2. Celebrated voting amongst other firsts - cars, love, job - with an anthem video featuring March for Our Lives founders and Brockhampton

3. Focused on the politics new voters care about: issues > parties

4. Turned smartphones into megaphones giving every day people a social toolkit (gifs, insta stickers, social posts, photos, facts and more!) to rally their networks

5. Recruited partners to share the message - from Levi’s jackets to billboards and tv spots

6. Met voters 1:1 at music festivals, concerts and events, equipping HeadCount volunteers with merch and messages to share

7. Went BIG on National Voter Registration Day with over 150 celebrities registering their fans directly with a unique link

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Social Media Tool Kit



1. #TheFutureIsVoting contributed to the largest midterm turnout in 104 years
2. HeadCount tripled their previous highs for election registrations
3. Provided over 500,000 Americans with voter information the week of the election
4. Reached 21 million people with $8 million in donated media
5. Press coverage by The Ellen Show, Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night Tonight with Seth  Myers,                  Billboard, Fast Co, The New York Times,  Marie Claire, Refinery 29, Buzzfeed, People, and Today
6. Giphy "issue" stickers used 50M+ times
7. Featured in Kesha's "Here Comes the Change" music video
8. Invited to tour with Beyonce/JAY-Z's OTR II tour, the Drake/Migos co-bill, Vans Warped Tour, David      Byrne, and the March for Our Lives bus tour

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