Three people every minute are infected with HIV. Every day, 400 babies are born with the disease. And, AIDS is the leading cause of death among women worldwide.  In this featurette directed by award-winning Kim Synder and produced by ACE Content, we bring together the original cast of Philadelphia including Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Mary Steenburgen, Bono’s organization (RED) and the distribution network of Coca-Cola to do something about it. 

The Last Mile

For the first time, an HIV/AIDS-free generation is possible.
All it will take is an increase in resources to fight the disease faster than it can spread, at a cost of 20 cents a day.

At the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic 25 years ago, Philadelphia - starring Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington and Mary Steenburgen, flipped the perception of this disease and introduced compassion into an otherwise isolating and divisive conversation.

To shake culture into action the same way, (RED) and Coca-Cola created ‘The Last Mile’ - a mini doc that invites a new generation to donate to #EndAIDS once and for all.

The film stars Philadelphia’s cast and screenwriter Ron Nyswaner and highlights the progress that’s been made around the world to end future transmission of the disease, with intimate stories from one community in Mozambique, where Project Last Mile delivers life-saving medications.


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